Thursday, January 9, 2014


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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Do not open a long position in this stock right now!!

Notice that the stock is banging its head against the red BRL? That is bad! They act like brickwalls!

The stock ran from $4 to $6. I do not think it will break the BRL on the first try. I would take profits and run.


No bueno...

The column is in Os, and dangerously close to support.

A close below $49.00 and it will give the first sell signal of the year... That is significant!

Take profits and run!


Very bad...

Very bad!!! GET OUT!!!

Not only is it in a column of Os, but it just gave a sell signal today at $28.00! Get out and dont look back!


I am bullish in the ETF after a triple top breakout.

The column reverses to Os at $99.00, and at that point I turn slightly bearish. Next support is at $94.00.


I would be bullish in this ETF..

The column is still in Xs, but I would not initiate a long position until QQQ closes above $78.00 and adds another X.

The column changes to Os at $74.00 and the next support is at $70.00


Beautiful... The chart is bouncing!

The support at the BSL seems to have worked for the moment. I am targeting at least $110 so the column changes to Xs.

Afterwards, we will evaluate again. However, I am bearish on bonds.